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Our Life Is The Outdoors

PG is known as a crappie fanatic, here’s one of his better ones he caught not far from the house on Lake Greenwood.

We look good in camo!

On one of our shark fishing trips from the boat down to Hilton Head, PG decided he’d wear his Jaws shirt to be funny.

It’s rare that we deer hunt the same stand anymore, but Boat Girl managed to talk PG into sitting with her on a Sunday.

Her favorite wedding photo. Boat Girl was 0 – 7 lifetime on tarpon and PG promised her a guided tarpon fishing trip for the honeymoon. The only caveat was she had to wear her wedding dress during the trip. Boca Grande Florida’s Capt Greg DeVault thought we had lost our minds, but turned out to be a good friend and put her on 3 tarpon that week.

Turkeys fear us

The day Springer quit the old Upstate Outdoors show, Boat Girl jumped in his seat and the show got even better.

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